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A Word from Sir Reginald Bling:

"The following poem - The New Uncle Tom - is not written for a conservative, pro-life, audience. I am not preaching to the choir in that ghetto. My poem is performed in the genre and with the words that carry meaning in the circles that Mr. Jackson and I reach. In fact, any Jackson film enthusiast - of which I am one - will note that most of the lines come straight from many of Mr. Jackson's films. I encourage the viewer to place the line with the right movie...right to the last stanza...and I hope you enjoy this small offering in Mr. Jackson's honor." Sir Reginald Bling

Sir Reginald Bling: "The New Uncle Tom."

TV Ad: "He's Carrying Water for Racists."


Help Mr. Terry run this 30 second TV ad - "He's Carrying Water for Racists" - on TV stations across the nation.